Hearts On Fire Now Available On ITunes

Hearts On Fire Now Available On ITunes

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I did during the ACM show

Sunday night was the ACM award show. Theresa, Sara, and I sat in the living room watching a lot of great performances. During the commercials I was messing on my computer--facebooking and writing a new song. Yep, another new song. This one was done in 10 or 15 total minutes. This was the second song I wrote without my guitar in hand to hear the music. Typically, my guitar writes the song. The melody seems to inspire the lyrics--not the other way around. The only other song I wrote the words before the music was Driving Under The Influence. I wrote that song about Midnight after a Sugarland concert in Minneapolis.

My new song is titled Love You Tomorrow. After writing the lyrics, the next evening I got my guitar and wrote the music. The music took about 15 minutes to get right. I recorded the song yesterday. I really like it. For now the song is only available streaming online or going to my facebook music page and downloading your free copy of it there--Chuck Gillespie Music on Facebook. If you haven't already done so, please "like" my facebook music page and get your free copy of the newest song.

You may also listen to the song free on the same page.

If any of you know of anyone in a band--let me know how to contact them. Every performer can use more and more material--regardless of how many songs they have already. This is a song that could be the one to get you discovered!

Enjoy the music!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome to Chuck Gillespie Music

Hello Music Fans!

Well, I have a presence on facebook, iTunes, Amazon.com and now blogging about my music--specifically songwriting. If you are here you most likely already know about me and a little bit about my music. I suppose I'll start my first blog post with why I am a songwriter.

I know I have often said I write songs in hope that the music will be heard by someone interested in performing one or more of the songs. I realize this equates to winning the lottery. There are as many songwriters as there are lottery players and yet fewer winners than in the lottery. I write the songs because they just come to me and I enjoy it. It is a hobby I love. Writing a song often takes me less than 15 minutes to write from beginning to end. If it takes much longer than 30 minutes then it is something I am forcing and I don't use it. I have written a whole album of songs in less time it takes to record just one song. I do not like recording the music. The famous musicians all have the music created for them, arranged beautifully by studio musicians, technicians, etc... For me, to record one song requires dozens of hours for the guitar track alone--and a fair amount of hours on vocals. I'd really enjoy recording music if I had the studio musicians and techs the big recording artists have. Knowing just how much effort, time, endurance, dedication to see a job through just one song takes it does amaze me I've been able to record 34 songs. I do this not so much of the minuscule chance of being discovered as a songwriter, but so my family and friends can enjoy my hobby.

But recording and performing music isn't what I am interested in. Oh sure I LOVE to play my guitar and sing my songs here at home, but I don't have what it takes to do so professionally. But my songs are every bit as good as songs you hear on the radio or internet performed by some of the biggest stars today. I don't have the voice or vocal range to perform--and my guitar skills cannot compete with Keith or Brad. My songs could be recorded by either and become number one hits (not all of them...but quite a few).

Barry Manilow wrote and recorded a song, "I Write The Songs". He said he wrote the songs to make the whole world sing...I write the songs of love and special things...

That is essentially every songwriter's song. I write songs the whole world can sing. I realize if the whole world sang just one of my songs it would be greater than winning the lottery. As I wrote in my song "Pawn Shop Six String"...Just once I'd like the world to hear what this old guitar and I've been up to all these years....I write knowing my songs will be heard by my family and friends...and realize the odds of winning the lottery--but as the old saying goes, if you want to win, you've got to play....
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